Rules and Guidelines Edit

  1. Please do not ask for admin, this will result in one of two things, either I will mute you or I will ignore all messages sent from you no matter what.
  2. Do not spam, this will result in a mute
  3. Do not curse, remember, this wiki is kid friendly, cursing will result in a longer mute
  4. Consistentely doing the rules above will result in longer mutes and eventually, a ban
  5. If you see anyone doing anything bad, send me a message, especially if we are low on admins, moderaters, etc, or are in the early stages of the wiki, we might promote you!
  6. If you just have any random questions, please don't just send me a message, that is more for wiki help questions and reporting. Questions such as "What is your Vainglory player name?" can be asked and possibly answered once a day at 8:00 pm EDT, there I will answer 5 questions on the live chat!
  7. All Vainglory characters and such are property of SEMC (Super Evil Mega Corp.) and are copyrighted, none if this would have been possible without them. Thank you and keep up the good work SEMC!
  8. Have fun!

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